Feathered Friends

Services Provided
-Full eCommerce setup (Website development, inventory, order fulfillment, shipping, customer service)
-Social Media
-Facebook/Instagram Ads
-Paid Search Ads
-Content Strategy

Feathered friends is one of the best down jacket and down sleeping bag manufacturers out there. They are hand made in Seattle using sustainable geese practices, quality control and providing American jobs.

A very limited selection of Feathered Friends products were already in retail in Japan but at a very high mark up due to traditional distribution models. This high price led to Japanese consumers purchasing Feathered Friends products for fashion rather than the actual consumer niche they wished to target.

By starting an eCommerce site and handling logistics, we were able to bring down cost for Japanese consumers. Our management of digital marketing in Japan has not only led to greater brand awareness but also reach of niche consumers. This combination of lowered price and better reach led to a larger available product selection.

By providing the right price and message to the right consumers, we are able to aim towards steady long-term growth of Feathered Friends in Japan.

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