Our eCommerce Process

From social media marketing to inventory management, this is a full solution service.

1. Market Research

The most important component before launching your online business is figuring out if there is room for growth. We care about your business, so we start here before moving forward

2. Website Setup

Your website is the face of your brand. We create it beautifully responsive and fully functional while tailoring it to your branding.

3. Operations

The bones of any business, we offer a full-stack operational solution that includes, shipping, inventory, and customer service.

What those services include

Keyword Research

We work with you to figure out keywords that will fit your business or product. Then analyze the competition and cost.

Online Shop Setup

We create online shops that are secure, functional and use content management systems that integrate with Google, Facebook, Pinterest and more. We also offer eCommerce photography.

Customer Service

The most important detail to continued business. We provide efficient service with attention to detail and understanding.

Competitor Analysis

We research your competitors from their websites to marketing campaigns to figure out what we are up against digitally.

Responsive Design

With the majority of people visiting websites from their mobile devices, user-friendly responsive are a must.

Shipping & Inventory Management

We take care of your international and domestic shipping, using the best sources available. Mondo will also  manage inventory and warehousing.

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