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As digital marketers


We know how to do optimize google adwords.  By abiding by Google's guidelines we are able to lower ad costs and better conversion rates. We have experience with...

•Keyword search
•Google Shopping (merchant center)
•Dynamic search
•Ad extensions


We work on building relationships with your target audiences. Mondo crafts social media content to give your brand an identity. With increasing spam,its imperative that it is done the right way. We work with...
• Instagram
• Facebook
• Youtube
• Pinterest

FACEBOOK ADS (Instagram too)

Skeptical about Facebook ads? Most marketers don't understand the incredible ways Facebook and Instagram ads can be utilized for their business. We utilize...
•Facebook/Instagram Campaigns
•Inbound Marketing with ads
•Comprehensive Re-targeting
•Video Ads


Influencer marketing is the fastest growing field in the world of marketing. Statistics shows that people trust a stranger over what a brand has to say about their product. A study by Tomoson showed $6 returns for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. Word of mouth advertising is the concept behind this. We have experience with...
•Youtube influencers
•Instagram influencers


Getting your message across the right way. We know how to spark interest in people and turn that into a relationship. That relationship will eventually turn into a customer. We have experience with...
•Inbound Content Strategy
•Video Content Strategy
•Social Media Strategy

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